Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 12: Last hurrah

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Yuito is hoping for Hitomi's safety

With this nice, wholesome episode leading up to the finale, I have to say that I was happy to see how much restraint it had. The episode had a clear tone with its attempt to make Hitomi’s final moments in the past as nice as possible, and it stuck with it. The way the episode ended was a bit mean, but it felt fine with the pacing of the episode. Yuito and Hitomi still have a lot to say to each other, right?

Hitomi and Kohaku prepare for the show

There were multiple moments when the show had the chance to throw a wrench into everything, by having Hitomi disappear in the haunted house or having her magic go haywire when sending people into the painting. Anything like that would have felt overly dramatic to me, so it was nice that the episode just went well.

Yuito's drawing seems fine now

Something that bothered me a bit in this episode was how things seemed to work out for the other characters. Watching Hitomi’s character progression has been interesting, but we just get a brief glimpse of Kurumi with her sister in a montage. As for Yuito himself, I like the idea that his drawing has improved after he started drawing for Hitomi, but we still haven’t seen what caused his slump in the first place.

That being said, they could be saving that for the final confession. Yuito could start out by spelling out how Hitomi helped him. It’s what I’m hoping for, at least.

Hitomi meets the bookstore owner

Maybe I’m just imagining it, but it seemed like there was a bit of a lull in this scene. I’ve seen the theory that Ichiyanagi is Hitomi’s grandfather, so I might just be overly sensitive to it.

Hitomi sees the colors in the fireworks

On the one hand, it’s a bit sad to see Hitomi return to the past with monochrome vision. Other the other hand, it does feel more realistic to see a more gradual recovery for her condition.

Hitomi still has one thing left undone

I’m looking forward to seeing how this ends up going. I’m going to feel silly if I praised this episode for restraint just to have Hitomi disappear in a critical moment next week.

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