Zombieland Saga Review: Not the zombie series you signed up for

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Sakura has the best faces

This series ended up being a crazy set of ups and downs for me. It had an explosive opening that definitely caught me off-guard. I didn’t really have an issue buying into the premise of zombie idols attempting to save Saga, and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed the first few episodes. I preferred the show when it was at its most insane levels, delivering absurd parodies of typical idol shows. When it winds down, though, it ends up being not too much different than the shows it satirizes, albeit with more ridiculous character backgrounds.

The legendary rap battle

Additionally, the story feels incomplete in the end. Sakura, the main character, ends up being a bummer in the show’s final moments, and her ultimate significance is only hinted at. Given that she’s the core of the story despite being a purported normal girl, it makes sense that the show revolves around her, but I didn’t feel too satisfied with the explanation.

Tae mimics Saki

Overall, I can’t be too upset with the general theme of the series. It takes the standard idea of overcoming individual flaws with the help of friends and amps it up to absurd levels by giving the characters the bad luck of literally dying. From a character perspective, I also liked some of the stories, like Saki’s story, but it was a bit sad that some of the characters didn’t seem to get any focus, like Yuugiri and Tae. Tae happened to be my favorite character, so it was sad that Sakura got a second awakening while Tae was pushed off to the side.

The girls get covered in mud

At the end of the day, the series was an enjoyable experience. It definitely wasn’t the show I was expecting to see when I loaded up the first episode, but I think it still ended up being better than I could have expected. The highlights of the show for me are probably the rap battle in episode 2 and pretty much everything that Tae does.

Overall Score: 6/10

Good for a lot of laughs, but the show gets really weird when it tries to be serious.

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