Release the Spyce Episode 11: The apprentice retaliation

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Momo having some trouble focusing

It’s time for the final showdown, I suppose. This week’s episode certainly seemed to undo a lot of the drama from the previous episode, with Yuki’s survival being a fairly quick reveal. Project Gekkako’s looking more and more like the evil plan from Kingsman, since I’ve made that reference before. I guess we’ll see how everything turns out in the end.

Mei lingers over Fuu for some reason

Mei definitely made a strong case for herself as a double agent in this episode. The way she lingers over Fuu in this scene seems to indicate that she’s whispering something to her apprentice, and she clearly touches Goe’s restraint, which is later revealed to be loosened. It’s weird, though, since Fuu never gives away what Mei might have told her. The only explanation I can think of is that Mei revealed that she’s going to sacrifice herself in order to stop Tendou, and Fuu is trying to save her at the expense of the plan.

The master plan is to spray the brainwash gas

Given what we’ve already seen from Tendou’s experiment with the gas in a previous episode, I don’t see how this evil plan was supposed to be difficult to guess. Is this supposed to be surprising in any way?

Yuki makes it back

Yuki’s return isn’t particularly surprising, but it does make Mei’s betrayal more confusing. If we assume that Mei’s a double agent, then it would make sense for the mentor trio to know about it, which is why they were eliminated in the previous episode. Now that Yuki’s back, you’d think she’d tell everyone. I get the feeling that this is just so the audience doesn’t know what’s going on, and that would bug me if it’s really the case.

Tendou can't be stopped

At this point in the story, I would be much more impressed if Tendou turned out to be the true double agent. It doesn’t fit with the fact that Mei keeps trying to cozy up to her, but it would actually be cool if Tendou was revealed to be a Tsukikage agent who’s been in cover this entire time.

Theresia can't decide if she will be a traitor or not

I did like seeing Goe attempt to continue her mentor’s quest to befriend Theresia, but I still get the impression that Theresia is just a sideshow. Once again, Tendou’s attempt to kill Theresia after her fight is hard to believe, since we’ve already seen Yuki return from the dead. Maybe Hatsume shows up to stop her from bleeding out.

Mei is looking for information

Once again, Mei continues to come off as a double agent by probing for information from Tendou. It’s hard to believe she would go through this much effort if she truly betrayed her friends.

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