SSSS.Gridman Episode 11: Gridman awakens

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Akane stabs Yuuta

As we lead up to the final episode, I guess it’s time for some big reveals. That being said, I didn’t really care for the reveal in this episode. I’m much more interested in why Yuuta himself is important, so casually popping in the fact that the Yuuta we’ve known so far is actually Gridman seems like it doesn’t add much.

The phones are no longer working

I know it’s a relatively minor thing, but I do like the idea that the city is starting to fall apart now that Akane has destroyed the helper kaiju. We get to see a few flashes of this when Rikka visits the school as well.

Some familiar kaiju appear

With Akane out of commission, it was nice to see some of the past kaiju show up again to terrorize the city.

Anti confronts the group

I felt like this scene could have looked further into what Anti had become now that he wasn’t a kaiju. I mean, seeing him banter with the main cast isn’t bad, since it shows that certain parts of him haven’t changed. I guess I’m just missing the point.

Shou finds out that Yuuta is actually Gridman

Once again, this scene just seemed a bit strange to me. It makes sense for Shou to be upset after seeing Yuuta stabbed in front of him. Given that he’s just found out that Yuuta wasn’t even in control when it happened, he’s right to question Gridman. I just don’t see what we gain from it. Gridman just goes off and does his thing anyway.

Rikka's mom sees everything

I’m still curious to know why Yuuta’s so important to everything. It might be that he has a previous relationship with Akane that made him more difficult for her to suspect as Gridman. Given that the other Neon Genesis folks acknowledge Gridman as Yuuta, it seems like Gridman’s amnesia was intentional. The simple explanation is that Gridman needed to wipe his memory so he could convince Akane that he was actually Yuuta, but I’m hoping for a bit more than that.

Gridknight Calibur appears

The Gridknight and Gridman team battle was definitely cool, though.

Akane becomes the final kaiju

Wow, Alexis. Way to ruin the mood.

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