Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 11: Kaede’s time to shine

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Reporters asking Mai about her boyfriend

Wow, this episode went straight from a heartwarming buildup for Kaede to a hardcore bombshell drop. I can’t even be upset about the sudden amnesia reveal because it actually makes a lot of sense in the context of the series. It’s not crazy for Kaede to want to shut everything out after her trauma, and that behavior can be amplified in this world by the Puberty Syndrome to block out all memories. I wonder if she’s been using the notebook she showed with her goals for the year as a way to remember important people.

Mai's boyfriend situation blows over

I’m a bit annoyed that the cliffhanger was used in the previous episode given how quickly it was defused in this episode. Of course, I liked seeing how Mai handled the situation, but it’s always frustrating on some level when a cliffhanger seems cheap.

Rio betrays Sakuta

Watching Mai and Sakuta talk over Sakuta’s interest in Shouko is nice and all, but seeing Rio get so fed up with Sakuta’s love problems that she texts Mai the details is just an amazing scene.

Kotomi is worried about Kaede

It’s not that much, but I did like Sakuta’s conversation with Kotomi about the classroom environment after Kaede left. I especially liked when she brought up the idea that the class felt triumphant when they drove out the girls who bullied Kaede as well. It speaks to a modern sense of justice that I always feel wary about.

Shouko checks in with Sakuta

This Shouko mystery is intriguing, so I’m kind of worried that it won’t get resolved before the end of the season. There’s supposed to be a movie following this series, right? It’s definitely suspicious that Shouko is conveniently sick when the older Shouko was supposed to have met up with Sakuta.

Marks appear on Kaede after answering the phone

Well, that can’t be good.

Kaede makes it outside

Kaede makes it outside sooner than I expected, but what can I say? This was a great scene.

Kaede has no memories

I honestly didn’t see that coming.

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