Golden Kamuy Episode 22: Prison break of epic proportions

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Salmon is very important

The chaos of this episode sums up this series pretty nicely. To be fair, it wasn’t hard to guess that the mission to meet Nopperabu would go awry, but there was no way I could have imagined how crazy it got. I’m looking forward to seeing how the dust will settle, since this episode certainly hinted at some possible tragedies in our future.

Hijikata helps with the chitatap

When all is said and done, this is still a solid cooking show. Watching Hijikata join in on the chitatap preparation was hilarious.

Inkarmat is unsure how to interpret her fortunes

I like this scene from Inkarmat a lot, explaining how she has come to doubt her fortunes and why that gives her hope. I truly hope that she’s right, even if the fact that this is anime makes me suspect a more grim ending where all of her fortunes end up coming true.

The plan starts getting complicated

The way this heist was set up was really cool. I’m totally okay with an early mishap foreshadowing how far the plan goes off the rails. I mean, I suspect that the “mistake” was ultimately intentional, but it was fun nonetheless.

Hijikata roams around in the background

I’m curious to see how Hijikata factors into everything, since he has remained mysterious this entire time.

Asirpa is taken to the real Nopperabu

I’d like to see Asirpa meet Nopperabu in the next episode. It feels like the series has been building up to this moment a lot, and it would be a good climax for the season. Plus, it would suit the tone of this series to have the initial plan fail spectacularly but still allow Asirpa to succeed in her own way.

The 7th shows up

Having the 7th show up was fairly far into left field, but it’s a nice addition to the chaos. Finally, everything seems to be coming together.

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