Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 11: Betrayal everywhere

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Kirill lost in thought

Once again, I was waiting for the punch line to come in this episode and it never did. I still enjoy seeing the jokes peppered in, but this series got surprisingly serious in the end (even if it felt a bit rushed). Also, the show got a bit weird with the whole thing about the second sun. That being said, I’m pretty convinced that a punch line is coming, so I guess we’ll have to see.

Travis is nervous

I’m wasn’t able to get a good read on it, but Travis seemed strangely nervous in this episode. Sure, it’s not all that strange for him, but the episode seemed to suggest a deeper connection between him and Kirill.

Everyone wants to be in the military

Watching everyone talk about how great life is for the military while Kirill mulls over his decision to join was hilarious.

Kirill and Valery escape Nikai

I know there was a hint back in the episode with the drunk guy, but this Nikai thing seemed to come out of nowhere. Is it just another aspect of the futuristic setting? Kirill doesn’t seem to be particularly special, even if Cooper keeps saying it.

Reminder about who these guys are

It’s so nice that this series just understands how much I remember about the side characters.

Doug is surprised at Kirill's patience

This is a bit of a throwaway line, but I really liked it because Doug is absolutely right. Kirill is definitely the type of person to impulsively rush in without waiting for backup.

Yuri sacrifices herself

A major character death doesn’t fit the tone of this series, but Yuri’s “final” moments were still pretty sad. It was a nice sacrifice from her despite being a robot.

The ethics of robot data are rough

This is the most random conversation, but it’s kind of interesting. I’m surprised that a world like this one would go so far as to consider the ethical implications of copying a robot’s data. I like what Max says about the backup being a fundamentally different person from Yuri, even if they had it.

Zabel is betrayed

The betrayal from B in the end was cool to see. To be fair, he seems like a more appropriate main antagonist than Zabel did. The reveal that B was Cooper was also set up well. In an earlier scene in the episode, B mentions that Kirill is “special”, mirroring Cooper’s own comment. I’m a little confused about Kirill’s actions at the end of the episode, though. What does he actually think the military can do differently than SEVEN-O to save Yuri?

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