SSSS.Gridman Episode 10: A new knight is born

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How babies are made

As we get closer to the conclusion, this series has been getting a lot more interesting. I have my reservations about Anti’s arc as a whole, but the arrival of Gridknight in this episode was great. The fight scenes themselves were also nice, an added perk of the extended battle. The cliffhanger at the end was quite the surprise, but it could lead to some intriguing reveals if handled correctly.

The heroes start doubting their memories

This conversation about the reliability of the main characters’ memories is nice and all, but it felt a bit shallow. I like how the conversation flows from the previous episode, since the episode ended with Rikka saying she wants to tell the group something. We pick up right from that point, but I would have liked some more speculation.

Gridman remembers arriving in this world

This comment from Gridman makes me wonder if Yuuta’s going to end up being another secret part of Gridman. It would certainly give him a way out of the stab wound from the end of the episode.

Rampaging kaiju

It’s later revealed that this kaiju is a representation of Akane’s heart, so I like the fact that it sounds like it’s wailing throughout the fight.

Talking about the true nature of kaiju

Well, I certainly appreciate the expansion on the comment about Anti from the previous episode. He’s come a long way, and it’s quite a nice development that he’s a kaiju with a heart. I just have a hard time linking his past experiences, especially the ones with Rikka and Akane, shaped him.

The kaiju goes insane

I’m sure there’s something to the way this kaiju changes. It starts out weak and crying out, but this stronger form that breaks out is probably a hint at the ending of the episode.

Gridnight appears

This transformation was pretty cool. I’m still not clear on whether it’s supposed to be Anti’s true form or just another copy. The commentary from the Neon Genesis Squad seemed to indicate that Gridknight wasn’t a copy of Gridman, so it seems to be former as far as I can tell.

Akane figures everything out

Part of me wants to think there’s more to this scene. My initial impression was that Akane discovers that Yuuta himself isn’t Gridman, so she no longer needs him, but that doesn’t feel good enough as an explanation.

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