Random Impressions: Goblin Slayer Episode 9 – The brave adventurers

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Discovering the secret entrance of the goblins

I’m still not entirely sure I understand the Sword Maiden’s role in this story, but I’m having a surprising amount of fun with the D&D references in this series. The more cheeky ones are nice to see, such as introducing the flying eyeball with with the line “behold” (look up what a beholder is). There are definitely some that feel more like a stretch, but it’s all good fun. I know that people are suffering in the background, but I’m supposed to be role playing as a form of escapism, right?

Trying to pry away the mirror to the goblin home world

This mirror is an example of a reference I think might be a stretch. Given that the mirror is a portal to the goblin home world, it’s presumably a portal to the “green moon”, or GM. Behind the mirror is every goblin that is entering the world to wreak havoc, so would that make the mirror a GM screen?

Goblin Slayer sticks to the plan

I really liked this scene. High Elf comments that Goblin Slayer’s plan seemed convenient given the location of the battle, and Goblin Slayer simply responds with “yeah, that’s because I plan based on my surroundings, genius”.

Sword Maiden gets rejected

It definitely took a bit of research before I could understand that remnants of the Demon army sent goblins to terrorize the Sword Maiden, forcing her to ask Goblin Slayer for help to avoid revealing her fear of goblins to other adventurers. But I think the important takeaway is that she’s not getting together with Goblin Slayer?

Everyone travels together now

The ending of this episode felt incredibly reminiscent of the typical D&D opening. The DM always comes up with some shoddy reason to shove the players together on the same mission, and the mission ends with everyone saying “I guess we’re a team now”.

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