Release the Spyce Episode 9: Story time

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Yuki never takes a break

Relatively speaking, I thought this week’s episode was mostly okay. The series immediately addressed the weird scene with Yuki and Momo from the previous episode in a way that made sense, and showed decent background for Yuki. I’m still not feeling great about the whole traitor mystery, but I no longer see Yuki as a walking death flag. I guess that’s something, right?

Yuki talks with Hatsume about Theresia

Wow, the series is really dragging out Hatsume’s progress with Theresia. At this point, I’m starting to see it as being similar to the slacker type you might find in the workplace. Every week, we get a reminder that she’s “working on it”, and we’ll eventually reach the end of the series, when she actually has to deliver.

Yuki and Momo hang out together

Yeah, this totally seems normal for high school girls.

Yuki's mentor jokes around

You know, part of me wanted Nagaho’s offhand joke here to be a hidden message. Usually, jokes like these have a grain of truth underneath them, so I was expecting some reveal that she actually had an incurable disease.

Moryo will take over the world

I get that this show plays on a lot of spy tropes, but this scene seemed particularly strange to me. It felt like it was saying that Moryo is the typical evil corporation with an unexplained goal to take over the world. And for good measure, they’re going to use satellites to do…something. Are these guys really just “the bad guys”?

Nagaho faces off against the mystery woman

That being said, this fight scene was surprisingly good. Even though the characters were moving quickly, it still felt like a reasonable set of attacks.

Yuki watches her mentor die

Part of me is a bit worried about this scene. Having Yuki’s previous mentor die off-screen in the explosion gives the show an out. There’s a non-zero chance that Nagaho gets revealed as the traitor to squander a lot of the suspicions from the rest of the show. Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but it’s a nagging feeling.

Momo comforts her mentor

The show also makes me fairly certain that Yuki won’t die, even if the preview seems to suggest otherwise. Since we’ve already seen Yuki lose her mentor, I think it would be super weird to force the same situation to happen again with Momo.

Yuki zooms and enhances

That’s a hell of a way to do the old “zoom and enhance” trick.

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