SSSS.Gridman Episode 9: Everything is a lie

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Random kaiju hanging around

This week’s episode was surprisingly intriguing. Sure, it was a pretty standard dream sequence, but it seemed ask some interesting questions while revealing more about Akane and the main characters. The episode did a good job of showing Akane’s desperation, and I’m really curious to see where it goes. Additionally, it was small, but it seemed like Anti’s role in the show had evolved a bit in this episode.

Yuuta wakes up with amnesia again

When the episode opened, I thought the series might be repeating itself by giving Yuuta amnesia again. However, this setup ended up being interesting. I liked how the episode mirrored previous scenes. In the first episode, Yuuta looks up at the sky to see a stone kaiju, but he looks up in this episode to see a clear sky. At the same time, the billboard is used to show Gridman and telegraph the fact that this is a fake world.

Akane convinces Yuuta that they are dating

I’m very curious about the fact that Akane places herself in Rikka’s role in Yuuta’s dream and states that she’s dating Yuuta. Is it meant to suggest that Rikka was dating Yuuta before he forgot everything? Rikka makes a comment about Yuuta’s amnesia being a cruel joke in the first episode, so it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Rikka meets Alexis

I wasn’t really able to get a good read on Rikka’s dream. I’ve seen the theory that Akane takes Rikka’s role in the “real world” as the popular kid while Rikka plays the part of a shy Akane, and I think it’s a cool idea.

The team convinces Anti to fight the kaiju to bring out Gridman

I thought it was hilarious to see the team convince Anti to attack the kaiju in order to make Gridman appear.

Yuuta figures out that he's in a dream

Honestly, I was expecting Yuuta to break everyone out, so I was happy to see each of the main characters independently rejecting the dream. This episode also made me finally feel like I understood why Shou is there. If we assume that Akane truly created this world, then he makes sense as the representation of someone who shares her interests. His disbelief in Akane’s own interest in kaiju probably reflects her personal belief that no one understands her hobby.

Combine to form a new mech

These guys can combine even without Gridman? That’s actually awesome.

Anti gets rejected yet again

I’m not sure I fully understood this line. Is this just because Anti had a meal with them before? I’m not sure I get when Anti transitioned to “a being with a heart”.

Gridman lays out the mission

It’s cool that the series seems to have a purpose. Is this line about “waking Akane up” meant to suggest that the world the characters are living in is the dream? I like that idea as a takeaway from this dream episode.

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