SSSS.Gridman Episode 8: Master plan

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Rikka is annoyed with the school festival

I’m conflicted about this episode. I thought that the conversation between Rikka and Akane was really interesting, but the argument between Shou and Rikka seemed dumb. Shou is kind of a weak character in my mind. He doesn’t seem to contribute anything except hype in most cases, and he ended up coming off worse in this episode. I’m still curious to see how Akane’s story will end up going, since it looks like she’s close to hitting the point of desperation.

The school reacts to Calibur

Did the episode ever address this point? I think this scene was some sort of subtle suggestion, and I’m curious what it is. In previous scenes, Calibur is generally not noticed by normal people, and we suddenly get a shift at the school. Is it because people are becoming more aware or Gridman? Or is it because Akane truly is a representation of this world, and she’s slowly learning more about the Gridman Alliance?

Akane reveals her evil plan

I honestly appreciate the moral dilemma this episode introduces by simply having Akane tell the main characters what she’s planning. It’s a simple scene, and it makes them honestly question how they should approach her as an enemy. I would have hoped that the main characters would have more of a discussion about it, but I’m okay with the fact that it at least gives them pause.

Utsumi questions Rikka's resolve

This line from Shou was kind of infuriating. In the last episode, didn’t he intentionally keep Akane’s interest in kaijus a secret when it was relevant? That certainly sounds like an emotional decision based on his crush on Akane. To make matters worse, it was a wasted scene, since Akane reveals herself to everyone in this episode.

Rikka tries to talk Akane out of attacking the school

This scene might be the most intriguing one in the episode. I’m not even sure I have a good handle on what it means. On its surface, Akane makes it sound like she has been in control of Rikka the whole time. My personal interpretation is that Akane’s actions to recreate the city have resulted in a Rikka who was her friend, since a Rikka who wasn’t her friend would have been killed off in a reset. Still, the scene certainly begs the question of how much control Akane actually has over the world.

Full-powered Gridman arrives

Nice, putting all of the pieces together to create a full-powered Gridman was really cool. I think the idea of making Gridman smaller so the computer can handle all of the access codes at once is hilarious and oddly reasonable.

Akane is depressed

I’m sure this will end well.

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