Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 8: Is this show really going to have a happy ending?

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Hitomi still needs to take her photo

This series is really fun to watch, since there’s a lot of room for speculation and the episode feels like it’s rewarding me for paying attention. I tend to like that kind of thing. That being said, this episode definitely seemed ominous to me. With the focus on Kohaku’s magic and Shou’s unrequited love it, I’m sensing a spike in drama in our future. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

Kohaku uses magic for the first time

It’s the little details in this show that tend to capture my attention the most. Even in a minor flashback to explain why Kohaku loves magic, she’s casually destroying parts of the room with her magic.

Kohaku runs an experiment with Yuito and Hitomi

I’m still enjoying seeing how much Kohaku tries to support Hitomi, even if it’s for the sake of science (magic science?). When she proposes the idea that Hitomi subconsciously took her own color away with her magic, it was something that had to be said even if everyone was already thinking it.

Hitomi remembers a book with color from her childhood

I’ll be shocked if Yuito doesn’t turn out to be the person who wrote the picture book from Hitomi’s memories.

Kohaku is determined to send Hitomi back to the future

I’m curious to see what ends up happening with the time magic in this series. The simplest solution is the deterministic continuum, meaning the older Kohaku sends Hitomi back because she already experienced the events of this story with Hitomi. I can always hope there’s more to it, but I recognize that it’s the most logical ending.

Shou wonders whether Hitomi will leave

The parallels between Shou and Asagi are actually interesting. Given that the two having unrequited feelings of love, I’m actually wondering if we’ll get an awkward ending in which Shou kind of “settles”. That might be strange.

Kohaku reverses time on a broken camera

I was happy to see that the whole business with Kohaku’s time magic went in a different direction than I expected it to go. Given how her magic reverts in her experiments, it suggests that the spell that sent Hitomi back to the past will also revert itself.

Granny wonders about the future Kohaku's motives

Kohaku’s time magic in this episode also makes this particular scene pretty loaded. Kohaku’s grandmother suggests that Kohaku doesn’t tell Hitomi how to reverse the spell because she knows that the past Kohaku would figure it out. But if Kohaku’s magic ends up reversing itself, the future Kohaku could just know that a reversal spell isn’t needed. I like this concept of using words of comfort in a seemingly sinister way.

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