Release the Spyce Episode 7: Mind control is rough

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Mei torments Byakko

I’m not sure if this episode counted as an introduction for Goemon as a character, but I thought it was entertaining. It definitely felt like the episode had some holes in it, but I liked it more than Fuu and Mei’s episode. That being said, did anyone else think that this episode seemed way too similar to Kingsman, with the friendly agent getting caught up in the villain’s experiment and going on a killing spree? Oh right, I’m not supposed to make references…

Moryo starts testing their drug

Look, we all know that the bad guys always have some reason to be immune to their own villainous toxin, but the show could at least put a little effort into making me believe it. Gas mask under the fake face? Vaccine injected before releasing the toxin? Just say it and I’ll believe you.

Hatsume offers to keep Theresia's allegiance a secret from everyone else in Tsukikage

Ignoring how hilarious it is that Hatsume just tells Theresia that she’s in Tsukikage, I do respect the fact that Hatsume wants an honest relationship with Theresia. It’s an honest attempt to get Theresia to defect, and it probably avoids some future excuse when allegiances become clear.

Goemon attacks a crime boss alone

I like the idea of throwing Goemon on a rampage to reveal that she’s the strongest fighter in Tsukikage. It’s also set up in a subtle way when she’s shown to be the most athletic member at the beginning of the episode. She’s the only one who isn’t out of breath when the trainees are running together.

Hatsume trying to talk sense into Goemon

I just wish that the episode had put a little snippet in to explain why Goemon was doing what she was doing. It sounded like different people were following different orders when they were hit with the gas, so why did Goemon specifically attack a mob base? Did she just interpret a broad order? Also, I would have preferred to see a scene like this to give better context to why Goemon was caught in the gas in the first place. All we got was that she said that she was going to her part-time job, but that excuse didn’t seem real. Did she double back to look at the swimsuits again?

Theresia reporting in

So…Theresia is turning?

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