SSSS.Gridman Episode 7: Kaiju-ception

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Yuuta talking with his friends about Akane

This week’s episode introduces an interesting concept by having Anti create a kaiju instead of Akane, but I’m still not a fan of how the series is handling Akane herself. To be fair, I think this episode was great for Anti. We get a reasonable justification for why he can’t attack Yuuta in normal situations, and Alexis helps him solve that problem in a cool way. I’m just not a fan of how people just tell Yuuta stuff.

Shou questions the conversation Yuuta had with the kaiju

I think it’s correct for Shou and Rikka to be skeptical of information coming from some anonymous kaiju, but I still thought they took it too far. Skepticism is fine, but they didn’t even seem interested in investigating the claims. In that sense, I think Yuuta has the right idea. I get that Shou and Rikka both want to be friends with Akane, but they’re dealing with actual monsters.

Akane in Yuuta's room asking for something to drink

It was anticlimactic enough when a random kaiju showed up to tell Yuuta who Akane was. Now, Akane’s just admitting it to him without an issue. Does Yuuta just have a trusting aura or something? I don’t know. Was it wrong of me to expect more from this reveal? It’s still a funny scene from just the situation alone, but the way it fits into the story is really strange.

Akane talking about the lost bread

Maybe I psyched myself up too much, but I’m so disappointed about the bread. Don’t get me wrong. I totally expected Yuuta’s reaction to how petty Akane’s decision to kill was. That was pretty much a given, and I still think it’s a great way to explore her mental state. I’m just frustrated that they dropped so many hints about Akane’s identity to Yuuta, and none of them were relevant in the end.

Akane confused to see a kaiju she didn't create

The fact that Alexis seems to be acting independent of Akane’s wishes seems like it could be interesting. Presumably, it’s building up to an inevitable betrayal, but I’m curious to see where that would leave Akane.

Alexis explains to Akane that Anti created a kaiju

As I said before, I liked the progression Anti went through in this episode. He explained the reason he couldn’t attack Yuuta, and then he invented a way to do it that made sense in the context of the world.

New Gridman form

Woo, new Gridman form!

Hidden city above the sky

I’m really curious about the mechanics of this “fake” city. It’s still my favorite reveal from the last episode, so I want to see how it plays out.

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