Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 7: Slowly moving forward

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Hitomi is back to seeing in black and white

It was nice to the sudden shift to Kurumi in this episode, since I tend to relate to indecisive characters unsure about their own passions. Her story ended up being pretty interesting. I was a bit annoyed that the episode started by undoing Hitomi’s proclamation from the previous episode, but I think it made up for that by showing her progress further. Still, it was a bit of an anticlimax.

Hitomi laughing with Kohaku

I like how the show illustrates progress, even with something as simple as a smile from Hitomi.

Hitomi starting to wonder about colors

This reaction feels really believable given what Hitomi has experienced. It makes sense that she’d have a different reaction to color after being given a glimpse of it.

Hitomi talks with Kohaku about coming clean

Wait, everyone else doesn’t know Hitomi is colorblind? I guess I just assumed Hitomi had already come clean about that. She already told them that she was from the future, after all. Being colorblind seems pretty minor in comparison.

Kurumi talking about how great her sister is with Chigusa

While, I can’t relate with Kurumi’s idolization of her sister, but I can relate with her having doubts about her interest in photography because of disapproving parents. When you’re already indecisive, it’s easy to be swayed by a stronger opinion. Also, I like how the show sets up Kurumi’s doubts with her exams as a triggering point. It’s a good reason for her to feel inadequate and naturally gravitate towards her sister’s success.

Shou proposes a friendly competition to Aoi

So, did Shou just casually challenge Aoi to a competition to win over Hitomi? Because that’s actually impressive if he did.

Kohaku practices with a new star-sand

Kohaku just gave Hitomi, who’s from the future, a star-sand that evokes vivid memories of the past. I’ll be shocked if this sand doesn’t come back into play when Hitomi returns to her time.

Hitomi comforts Kurumi

This was a cute scene. Hitomi’s still trying to open up, so it’s nice to see her reach out, even if she copies the words from Kohaku.

Kurumi complains about running with luggage

I’m really surprised by how much subtly I was seeing in this episode. This scene with Chigusa seemed to be addressing the concerns Kurumi had with her interest in photography more than the situation itself. It seemed like he was telling her to drop her concerns and just go for it. Nice?

Hitomi asking everyone about color

Given how this week’s episode started, I hope the next episode starts with everyone saying “yeah, we already realized you were colorblind” to Hitomi.

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