Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 6: Back with more quantum physics

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pondering the situation at the window seat

While I personally think that this arc gets weird in its resolution, this series is still incredibly enjoyable to watch. I thought the scene about quantum entanglement was silly (I don’t need to be a quantum physicist to know that much), but I absolutely respect the show’s attempt to bring the story back full circle to Sakuta’s first encounter with Tomoe. The rest of the resolution also felt a bit rushed with all of the montage scenes, but I guess we’ve seen it all before.

sakuta becoming a bride

I’m assuming this is a jab at the trope of the girl who wants to become a bride. I’m okay with that.

mai returns with the bunny suit

The bunny suit is back? The title must remain relevant!

the loops start again

I suppose it was inevitable that the time loops would return. To be fair, it was a lot better than I had imagined it in my head. They only went to half of Endless Eight, right?

pondering whether the girl is lying while grilling squid

I really liked this development. I thought it was going to lead to a whole thing where Sakuta tries to catch Tomoe in her lie by watching for her to do something inconsistent with the loop. That’s sort of what happens, but it was way subtler than I was expecting.

love is hard to change

This scene was pretty cool. I like the fact that Sakuta’s not so dense that he lets things drag on. This guy’s good at making his feelings clear, isn’t he?

mai kisses sakuta

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of how the epilogue plays out. Having the whole arc be a simulation in the end makes sense from a logical standpoint, but there’s something odd about wrapping things up so neatly. This kiss scene was great, though.

everything plays out the same

I’m not sure I buy that everything just works out the same way in the end. I guess the repetition could start up again if the jock refused to accept Tomoe’s rejection, forcing her to once again ask for Sakuta’s help. But that almost makes it seem like she doesn’t change enough despite her simulation. She even tells Sakuta that everyone would hate her for the rejection, but everything still plays out the same. I don’t get how that works.

meeting a new girl in the rain through an abandoned kitten

Wait…this is the girl that helped Sakuta in the beginning, right? Isn’t she the girl he’s been trying to find this whole time? I guess she doesn’t remember him. That’s awkward. Also, this series really wasted no time bringing in the next girl.

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