Golden Kamuy Episode 17: The true treasure is clearly dried persimmons

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bit his face off

I really felt like this episode was getting back to what I enjoy in this series. The episode was an amazing mix of comedy, serious, and surprisingly heartwarming scenes. I was totally expecting this episode to get super serious because of how pissed off Sugimoto looked in the previous episode, but I probably should know better by now. The reunion with Shiraishi ended up being pretty funny, and I loved the way the episode ended.

continental dollar bribe

Dang, I was pretty impressed with how Suzukawa handled this whole exchange. He clearly knew his target well, and using a bill plate to bribe someone is kind of awesome.

shocking shootout

The sheer shock value of this scene was insane. To be fair, it’s great to see that kind of harsh reality in this series, since I think mixing that with comedy is what the show does best. It’s just a bit of a shame. I was starting to like Suzukawa, but he got written off quickly.

swimming through the air

I mean, having Koito swim through the air to catch the balloon is silly, but it was effective.

never betray us

I get the feeling that I’m just forgetting some small scene from the first season that explains the fake tattoo. But yeah…that worked out, huh? I can’t discount the possibility that Shiraishi was just too incompetent to make an accurate copy of the tattoo.

sugimoto during the war

It’s long overdue, but it’s definitely nice to finally get some insight on who Sugimoto was before the war. I guess the guy in the flashback is his friend who died, and the girl is the one he’s trying to help with the gold.

sugimoto saved by persimmons

I didn’t expect feels in this episode! In all seriousness, this was an amazing line from Asirpa. It’s a great ray of hope for Sugimoto, who has clearly had it rough.

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