Release the Spyce Episode 5: Surprise birthday party

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I’m still not sure why this episode didn’t happen before the previous episode, but the episode itself was a lot more entertaining than the previous two. I liked the jokes in this episode, so it ended up being more fun. I’m still curious where they go with this traitor thing, but I think I can be reasonably satisfied watching this series if it continues being like this. The overarching story doesn’t seem super interesting so far.

The fact that this episode seems to jump right back into the story left off from episode 2 makes me feel like I was right about episode 3 being standalone. The continuity would make more sense if something happened to either Fuu or Mei, since it would mean that they’d need to resolve their relationship quickly. It’s possible that we’re heading towards something like that, but it doesn’t really fit the show’s tone so far.

They’re really milking this traitor thing. I wonder how important it is that we can see the hair color of the “mystery” woman. It’s hard to tell since the conversations tend to be super cryptic, but it doesn’t seem like she’s the traitor. That would mean that there’s some other reason why we can’t see who she is. My guess so far is just that she’s related to one of the characters, with Hatsume being most likely based on hair color.

It’s a small scene, but I found it charming that Momo worries about the train fare even when she’s in spy mode.

I also think this exchange between Dolte and Momo is great. It’s not every day a raging zombie asks you if you’re a spy, right?

I guess this scene is meant to push the yuri relationship between Yuki and Momo by forcing Momo to share Spyce, but it still feels like a bit of a throwaway scene. Momo drops her Spyce in the middle of a mission after all, so this seems like an incredibly light consequence.

This is probably my favorite joke in the episode. In a mission that takes place on Momo’s birthday, the bad guys ask whether the power goes out because someone is having a surprise birthday party.

It’s nice that Yuki is still suspicious of the science company and all, but it does feel like it devalues the rest of the episode a bit. Also, the fact that Momo’s overworking doesn’t do much to impair her in this episode makes me question why that was important. I don’t know…it just feels like this show spends a lot of time to push things that don’t feel impactful in the end. Is that weird?

Part of me wants this show to be grittier than it is. Momo’s idolization of Yuki makes me really think that something should happen to Yuki. It’s the same with Mei…this series is just asking for character death.

2 thoughts on “Release the Spyce Episode 5: Surprise birthday party”

  1. ” I don’t know…it just feels like this show spends a lot of time to push things that don’t feel impactful in the end. ”

    Yeah… Spyce is one of those shows that’s 90% there. Still good, still fun… But missing that final spark or push.

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