Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 5: The power of sand

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The relationships in this series progressed surprisingly far in this episode. Kohaku’s quite the effective support character, huh? That being said, I’m still not completely sure how I feel about Asagi’s character. She definitely seemed to be building towards a breaking point, and she mostly just fizzles out in this episode. I’m sure there’s still room for resentment in the future, but it seems a bit sketchy. Anyway, it looks like next week’s episode might finally go into why Aoi is so reserved about his art.

I find little scenes like this one incredibly charming. Oh, Bangkok has a long official name? Whip out the phone and find out.

Uhh, anyone else think that this scene is strangely mean to Hitomi for no reason? Granny knows that Hitomi can’t see color, but she comes up after the customer leaves to tell Hitomi about the catalog. And what kind of customer asks a new face for “the usual”?

It’s really refreshing seeing how Kohaku uses Hitomi’s trust to nudge her along. Normally, I’d expect Hitomi to freak out and end up hiding her gift from Aoi, but I guess I’ve been watching too many romantic comedies.

Huh…from the name, you’d expect all star-sand to do exactly this.

Wait, since when has everyone known that Hitomi is colorblind? I mean, it’s not too hard to figure out from everything Hitomi’s done, but these are anime characters we’re talking about.

So, I guess they’re fine now? Yay? I mean, I don’t have a complaint about dodging the drawn-out drama-fest, but that’s still surprisingly quick.

It’s hard to tell without knowing how magic works in this world, but I wonder if this fish is an image Hitomi is giving to Aoi through the star-sand. If so, it could be an interesting way for her to convey how his art has affected her perception.

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