SSSS.Gridman Episode 4: Turning it off and on again

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This episode didn’t feel like it progressed the story all too much, but I definitely thought that the humor in the episode made it entertaining nonetheless. Sure, we get that bit about Yuuta’s feelings for Rikka, but it largely depends on how much they continue to stall it with misunderstandings. I’m curious where this is all going.

I think it’s interesting that Rikka seems to act as a link to the real world in this series. While we certainly see Yuuta and Shou in school, they’re generally interacting with each other. Whenever we get a pure scene to show the state of the town in the outside world, it’s pretty much just Rikka on screen. Also, I’m curious to see how her friendship with Akane will come up as the story progresses.

Akane’s been a decent antagonist so far. While her thoughts clearly deviate from the norm, she’s surprisingly consistent as a person. She strongly believes that she should be treated a certain way and lashes out when someone acts against that perception. I’m personally pretty curious about the detached reactions she has towards causing death. It could be a fundamental part of her, or it could maybe be a product of the fact that deaths happen in the past.

Anti’s a bit lost in this episode, but he’s shaping up to be a promising third party in these fights. His one-track obsession with Gridman is actually not that different from Akane’s own behavior, and he doesn’t seem to care about Akane’s interests when they conflict with his own goals.

Well, I’m definitely curious what Yuuta could have said to Rikka before losing his memories. What kind of relationship did they have?

That’s some solid IT work there, Rikka. I guess I can’t call her useless anymore. I really liked the comedy around Gridman’s powers in this episode. It’s hilarious that the only thing stopping everyone from jumping into the fight is the hardware.

I would have liked to see a different Gridman form since all of the characters joined at once, but I have to admit that this shot is great.

It was nice to see that Yuuta actually admits his feelings early, but the response he got felt pretty bad.

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