Release the Spyce Episode 4: Character building?

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Was it just me, or did this episode seem chronologically confused? The episode seemed to lack continuity with the last three episodes, which shared a more common theme of getting Momo up to speed. The previous episode ended with the group capturing a member of the enemy team who was using Spyce for some reason. Even if she lost her memories, you’d think they’d be following up on that in some capacity, but there’s no mention of it. I guess I just got the impression that this episode was designed in such a way that it could be dropped in at any point in the series, and that bothered me.

It’s kind of a shame, too, since I think it’s potentially interesting that Fu works desperately to offset her family’s financial troubles. Her background does a decent job of explaining why she has such a serious personality, and why she tries so hard to do her job(s). The overall theme in the episode that she just wants to impress Mei is a bit generic, but Fu seems mostly fine as a character.

I do have to admit that Fu and Mei are good together. Mei’s joke about losing her vision when showed the expenses is pretty funny.

I get that the bad guys in this episode were just low-level drug dealers, but I’m a bit annoyed that Fu gets away with this. When she acts alone and trails the dealer, she really deserved to get caught. With how much confidence she has in herself, she seemed to be asking to get taken down a peg.

I know the uniforms are bulletproof, but they still survive this.

I’m not sure I get the whole thing with the guitar pick. The beginning of the episode makes it pretty clear that Fu gave Mei the pick, and it’s not hard to guess that it would help patch their relationship. I just got the impression that Fu goes off to think things over, and then comes back with a reconciliatory gift, without much explanation. I guess it might be more realistic, but it feels a bit empty.

This fight almost feels like an afterthought. But hey…masochist drug dealer. Why not?

2 thoughts on “Release the Spyce Episode 4: Character building?”

  1. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with this episode either as it didn’t really feel like it added much to anything. It wasn’t terrible to watch, but empty is actually a good description for how most of it felt.

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