SSSS.Gridman Episode 3: Yuuta’s greatest weakness

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This show’s more fun that I expected from my first impression. I personally think that Yuuta’s moral dilemma ends up being pretty shallow, but the action in this episode was really great. I have a lot of fond memories of Power Rangers, and this show does a great job of stirring those up. I’m still pretty curious about Anti and how he relates to the other kaiju, but I suppose he’s being set up as a second recurring villain in this series.

Honestly, this could have been a pretty interesting question, but it ends up feeling like a throwaway concept for just this episode alone. There’s still the possibility that the idea could grow, given how the episode ended. If Anti really has been abandoned by Akane, I assume he’ll eventually develop a relationship with Rikka, which may force Yuuta to make the tough determination of whether he considers Anti to be more human than kaiju. Although, it’s probably more likely that Anti just becomes an ally.

This episode felt like it was teasing a lot with Yuuta’s disappearance. First off, can Gridman actually be defeated or does he just go on standby when things get dicey? And more importantly, the fact that Rikka and Shou try to go back to Yuuta’s apartment suggests that they had the same theory, which is that Yuuta’s amnesia comes from a previous loss as Gridman. I wonder if that’s going to go somewhere.

While making Anti a kaiju kind of dodges the “kaiju are really humans” question, it does bring up the question of what Anti really is. Is he just the first kaiju Akane has created who is self-aware? That certainly seems like the simplest explanation.

The introduction of these characters really excited me. More Gridman forms!

This battle ended up being fairly simple, but I can’t really get that mad since I remember the same sort of thing from Power Rangers. Still, a fight that’s more than competing energy blasts would be great.

I was going to get on Akane’s case for her weird exposition cheering during the first fight between Anti and Gridman. She specifically mentions that Anti can copy his opponent’s abilities, but that never becomes super relevant since he just uses his speed to gain the advantage. But if Anti’s going to be a recurring enemy, I guess it’s not a big deal since he’ll have more opportunities to use his powers.

Come again?

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