Release the Spyce Episode 3: Memory wipes galore

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This week’s episode was a bit weird. I don’t really have a problem with Momo running into trouble in her first mission, but the comedy of errors she goes through is a bit hard to swallow. And as a general note, I think the technology in this series is just far enough outside the realm of possibility that I’m having a hard time suspending disbelief. I think it’s meant to be a nod to old-school spy movies, but I didn’t really grow up on them.

Multiple events are labeled as Momo’s “first mission” in this episode, so I don’t really understand what the true first mission was. However, I would have been pretty happy if the episode had stopped with this eclectic ramen chef. It’s a reasonable mission for a newbie to handle, and Momo’s mistake makes a lot of sense. She lets herself get overwhelmed by situation and doesn’t keep her cool for the good of the mission, which is something you’d expect from her lack of experience.

From that point, Momo’s mistakes start to escalate without a really good reason. I assume the episode was going for the idea that she screws up by trying to over-correct her previous mistakes, but I don’t like the way it’s presented. She just feels like she’s doing dumb things, rather than intelligently linking it back to the last mission.

So…a brothel, huh? I really wasn’t expecting that from this kind of show.

I don’t know if this scene was attempting to build character on the enemy team, but I didn’t get that sense. I still don’t even get what the bad guy syndicate is trying to do overall, so it’s hard to sympathize with a henchman.

I don’t really get the point of giving the fake name “Peach” if Momo ends up using Fuu’s real name. Didn’t they have code names in the first episode? What happened to those? No one ends up calling Momo on this because they end up capturing Byakko, who also loses her memory. That kind of bothers me.

This is kind of a weird thing to say unprovoked. The fight itself is okay. It’s not spectacular, since most of the attacks are impossible to see, but I guess it wasn’t bad.


It’s really weird that both sides just have convenient memory wipes everywhere. I’ve seen some fan theories that say that Momo might be a memory-wiped sleeper agent. Given how prominently amnesia appears in this series, I would honestly welcome a development like that.

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