Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai First Impressions (1-2): Another attempt to explain quantum physics

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While this is certainly not a cooking show, the first two episodes definitely grabbed my attention. I really like the interactions between the main characters, and the premise of the show has a cool psychological angle. The pacing of the series is also extremely interesting to me. It looks like the main characters are progressing in their relationship a lot faster than I would expect, so I’m wondering how the rest of the series will go. It looks like we might take a step back next week to investigate Mai’s condition.

It wouldn’t be fair to cover the first two episodes of this series without showing a picture of Mai in a bunny girl outfit, right? It’s too bad the outfit doesn’t show up in the second episode, huh? Err I mean, I have a very important reason for showing this screenshot…

Sakuta is such a great role model.

I think it’s great that the main characters have that kind of give and take. I feel like most pairs like this would typically be dominated by character like Mai, but Sakuta doesn’t always let her get her way. It never feels like Sakuta’s fighting a losing battle against Mai.

The situation with Sakuta’s mystery senpai is pretty interesting because it seems to suggest a situation similar to Mai’s, where no one can remember her after they stop being able to perceive her. I wonder if it’s supposed to be related or if it’s just a misdirection.

It’s crazy that even Mai’s mother stops being able to remember her. Still, this white-out on the text sender looks similar to the diary we see at the beginning of the first episode. It looks like the series is headed towards an ending where Sakuta also forgets Mai even after promising he won’t, which could be cool depending on how it’s handled.

This Adolescence Syndrome is intriguing. I’m assuming the idea is to bring psychological issues forward by giving them physical manifestations, such as Kaede’s wounds. Perhaps it’s meant to shine a light on the fact that mental health issues can be overlooked for not being so easily visible. It’s an interesting concept, and I’m curious to see what the series does with it.

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  1. This one has definitely had an interesting start and I really do hope they explore some of the ideas they’ve set up in these first two episodes. It could end up being a really fascinating watch.

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