Golden Kamuy Episode 13: I’ve missed this show

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The tattoo-seeking adventures are back, and it’s just as crazy as before. This episode had its gruesome moments mixed with food enjoyment and a boner reference. All it was missing was a CGI bear. So, I guess we’re back to business as usual? This opener was as funny as I remembered this series being. I guess that counts as a success?

I thought the introduction of the taxidermist was cool. Throughout the entire scene, I was questioning why he was supposed to be important. He could have just been another tattooed prisoner, but he actually brings another wrench thrown into the mix. The idea that Tsurumi is planning to muddy the waters with fake tattoos should make things fun.

If the fake voices were meant to hide the fact that these stuffed corpses were dead, I don’t think it worked too well. Maybe I’ve just watched too much anime.

It’s almost sad that this is par for the course for this show. Isn’t it great?

Well, this is a random cameo for this faction, but I guess it works for more Ainu information.

They’re really doing a lot to tell us that this guy’s bad. Just let him get to his betrayal already.

And now, Tanigaki’s back in action too. I guess everyone’s joining the fray. I feel ready to see where the story goes.

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