Akanesasu Shoujo First Impressions (1-2): Cute girls in alternate worlds

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This series has a surprisingly intriguing premise. The main characters travel through parallel worlds using a radio, meeting alternate versions of themselves or experiencing other possible lives. The first episode did a pretty good job of setting up the premise, but it definitely felt like I was watching a completely different show in the second episode. Honestly, I kind of liked the action in the first episode, so I’m not sure how to feel about this. The alternate worlds thing is really interesting, but the choice of world kind of isn’t. The episode also spends more time focusing on how the character Nana reacts to the new world instead of exploring how the world as a whole has shifted because of the change in history (which is what I would prefer to see).

This whole fortuneteller thing is a bit lame, but I guess it introduces a main antagonist for the series. Based on appearances, she looks similar to Yuu, so I’m assuming she’s her doppleganger. Hopefully, she’s here for more than acting as an agent of chaos.

I like the portrayal of the ritual in the second episode, since it makes it look like most of the girls stay in the same world. It gives the sense that Nana has somehow gotten stuck in a different world, which gives her conversation with the alternate versions of her friends a lot more weight. And in the end, the episode switches it up by revealing that everyone’s in the alternate world.

This is kind of a weird world. I get that it’s supposed to be a world that’s close to the girls’ home world, but it still feels too underwhelming in comparison to the first episode. Seriousuka seems to be from a world that has forced her to become a warrior, which is very different from the more social/cultural differences in this episode’s world.

I was probably way too interested in seeing all of the parallel timeline explanations in this episode. I just have so many questions. What happens to this world’s Nana while MC Nana is here? Does she just black out for that entire time? Also, I’m curious why no one disappeared in the first episode. Is the golden world some kind of interdimensional limbo that doesn’t follow the rule of merging whoever “goes first”?

I do like the fact that Nana’s character background plays into the unique mechanic of this alternate world. Her family troubles make her the worst fit in a world where marriage is mandatory, and the concepts play well together. That part all makes sense. It’s her change of heart in the end that really doesn’t make sense. Deciding to stay with the famous guy indicates a shallow nature that directly conflicts with this argument.

There’s no way this guy is going to be normal…

I wonder if I’m overthinking the conversation between the Asukas about Kyohei. The MC Asuka specifies that Kyohei disappears when she was six, but Seriousuka’s response seems a lot more vague. “It happened in my world too” could mean that some other unspecified thing happened to her Kyohei. Maybe it’s nothing…

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