Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara First Impressions (1): When the world feels just a little dark

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I feel a little late on this show, but here we are. I thought this first episode was nice. It looked really good, and the premise is intriguing enough that I want to see where it goes. I also really like the portrayal of the magic world in the series, since it feels decently integrated with society to the point where it actually seemed subtle. The main character’s condition of living in a world without color is also portrayed well. I could see myself talking more about this series.

In a world where magic is commonplace, it’s really easy for Hitomi’s inability to see color to be the result of some kind of curse or failed spell. Instead, the first episode introduces it in a grounded way, attributing it to Hitomi’s own jaded nature. As a result, her condition feels much more relatable. There’s still the chance that her condition is revealed to be the result of a hidden spell later, but I think that it would be a poor development based on what we’ve seen so far.

It’s a bit weird that we only get to see a little bit of Hitomi’s grandmother before Hitomi gets sent back. I’m sure that flashbacks will add to that in future episodes, but it definitely made this time travel magic part more of a bombshell drop.

This line about how everything has been decided kind of bothers me. It implies that Kohaku knows the result of her time travel magic because it has already happened in her past. It’s not an uncommon element for a time travel series, but it does at an annoying sense of inevitability to everything. Of course, it depends on how the series chooses to make use of it, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Which “present day” again?

I think that watching Hitomi attempt to open the windows through some kind of automated function would have been a lot more effective if we’d seen more of the future’s technology first. It’s still pretty cute, though.

The main story of the episode is fairly straightforward, from the fact that Hitomi shows up in a guy’s room to the lost azurite forcing her to meet him. Nothing crazy there. Also, I love the use of vibrant colors in the magic shop. The fact that the episode regularly shifts to Hitomi’s vision really makes the colors much more noticeable.

I know it’s cheesy, but I loved the moment when Hitomi sees the color in Aoi’s art. Her reaction is so believable, and the scene itself feels like a great turning point to end the episode.

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