Angolmois – Genkou Kassenki Final Episode (12): Death awaits

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While bittersweet endings always have a sense of realism behind them, I couldn’t help feeling that this ending wasn’t too satisfying. It kind of felt like there were too many characters to go through and kill, so most of the deaths just felt lackluster. Amushi and Onitakemaru are arguably two of the most developed exiles in the series besides Jinzaburou, and their deaths really don’t reflect that fact. And what exactly was going on with that magic shark?

I really just get the feeling that Amushi deserves better than his death here. It just feels like another one in the sea of deaths, and I honestly would have preferred if he survived (since he’s a child).

I think having Kano pretend to kill Teruhi in order to save her makes sense. It does reek of shock value, but I can see the argument that Teruhi would have refused any plan to save only herself.

I would have liked to see more of Jinzaburou’s past, but this flashback seemed okay. It felt appropriate to the situation, and helps to illustrate Jinzaburou’s feelings of regret.

I think the fact that vengeance kid is the first survivor Jinzaburou meets is great. It shows that the kid’s thirst for revenge is greater than the Mongols, and I think it works.

Either Onitakemaru is meant to show up “later” or he dies off-screen. Either way, I’m pretty annoyed with how he’s handled.

The fights in this final episode are actually…fine. They’re not quite at the level of the ones in the first episode, but they feel a lot more natural than what we’ve seen in recent episodes.

I guess these soldiers are just really afraid of Jinzaburou, but I still don’t think fear justifies letting him walk through them without resistance.

Final Score: 7/10 Promising in the beginning, but the large cast isn’t handled too well and the ending feels really rushed.

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