Darling in the FranXX Final Episode (24): Made it!

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As far as endings go, this one felt pretty unsatisfying for a few reasons. First off, it felt like I was learning too many things that seemed like really late reveals. It was almost like they needed to be said before time ran out. Secondly, pairing Hiro and Zero Two’s fight in space with the extended epilogue of the other characters felt like a weird contrast. And honestly, it felt like things worked out a little too well.

But hey…one last sex joke for the road, right?

It’s nice to see what becomes of the other characters, but I had trouble taking Hiro and Zero Two seriously while watching these kinds of scenes.

I can’t believe that the last battle was decided by a huge “power of friendship” attack. Maybe it’s in line with the other major battles when the love between Zero Two and Hiro managed to save the day, but it still feels lame as an ending.

Let’s be honest…they were asking for this.

They’ll be back?

I disliked this part of the episode the most. The returning klaxosaurs basically restore the Earth. What were they even doing out in space? Since Zero Two and Hiro specifically said that they were the only ones who could survive the portal jump, it’s not like the klaxosaurs were contributing to the fight. Were they just floating around and waiting for the war to end?

This probably explains what happened to Ikuno, even though it’s never explicitly said. Her white hair is likely a result of her accelerating her own aging when she attacked. That would explain why she’s the most sickly in the end. This is kind of a weird moment to reveal that…

At least Goro got a decent ending. I guess Ichigo finally got over Hiro.

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of the reincarnation angle. It always feels like it’s not a “true” reunion.

Final Score: 6/10 Seemed fun at the start, but too many of those promising elements felt underdeveloped, leading to an unsatisfying ending.

6 thoughts on “Darling in the FranXX Final Episode (24): Made it!”

  1. This show definitely had a lot of promise early on but it more or less abandoned the more interesting elements of the story by the midway point and what we got at the end was pretty messy. At least it did manage to finish the story.

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      1. Yes, it didn’t have a last minute change of heart and have them make it through all that and come back to earth. Then again, she didn’t have a body anymore and he was more or less dead so even if they hadn’t died then I can’t imagine they had all that much of a future left.

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          1. Yes, the whole kids managing to revitalise the earth and feed themselves all felt just a little too easy in the end, particularly when they started having so many kids. It all felt like a very quick recovery from absolutely destroyed planet to happy paradise.

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