Darling in the FranXX Episode 22: Off to space

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This week’s episode felt really confused. The majority of the episode seemed to be jumping between two major stories, and the episode ends with one of those stories being completely scrapped as everyone goes to space. Also, I don’t like how the explanations in this series always feel incomplete. I hope that gets resolved by the end.

I’m reminded of how the first episode used quotes. It was weird the first time, it kinda made sense the second time, and it felt excessive the third time. It seems like a stretch for a quote that essentially means that the world is always changing.


The fact that the rejected parasites were kept alive was pretty surprising, but I still don’t see why Dr. Franxx specifically wanted Nana to see them. Maybe the sheer number of children was supposed trigger some kind of maternal instinct? I really don’t get the connection.

I think the situation with Zero Two’s storybook is fine as is, but I get the feeling that it’s going to come back in the end. The last page that Zero Two writes fits her leaving Hiro, and the fact that the book has a page after that suggests that she intends for him to “write the ending” by coming for her. But I’m fully prepared for that point to be beaten into the ground later.

I’m so shocked…shocked, I say.

I actually dislike that the episode backpedals on this speech later. Goro is totally right here. The main characters have spent the entire episode struggling to survive, with Ichigo even passing out in exhaustion. But when Goro goes to ask Hiro for input earlier in the episode, Hiro’s too preoccupied with Zero Two to care. But when Hiro realizes that Zero Two is in space, he goes to everyone saying he wants to talk and forces everyone to stop what they’re doing to accomodate him.

Who else is sure that the Nines are just fodder for the final battle? And as a side note, are Kokoro and Mitsuru staying behind? Mitsuru has a long moment of silence with Hiro in the ending, so that seems to be the case. It makes sense with Kokoro’s pregnancy as well, but it feels weird for major characters to be absent in the last fight. It certainly doesn’t bode well…

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