Hinamatsuri Final Episode (12): This really needs another season

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For the first finale that I’m covering in this season, this episode was pretty solid. It had plenty of scenes that made me laugh, even if I still don’t fully understand using Mao to frame the beginning and end of the series. If the series commits to the time skip, I think it makes a lot of sense, but it’s hard to say with the season over (maybe I should read the manga).

I love the delivery of this line. The response fits the tone of the show, but Hitomi’s not who I’d expect to see saying it. But then again, this is Hina we’re talking about, so that bluntness might just be necessary.

I think the best part of this scene is how impromptu it is. There’s no grand planning stage showing the other students coming up with ways to give Hina enough strength to use her powers. They develop the plan off-camera and we get to watch it unfold without any warning.

“The End” halfway through the episode? Stop messing with me.

I’m kinda sad that Mao gets relegated to such a side story in this series, but I guess time is cruel. Still, I’m glad to see that the series came back around to the events of the first episode.

This scene also had really great delivery. I immediately reacted to this scene by thinking Mao was actually challenging the robot without her powers. So, the very next scene showing her adjust herself to fix the “illusion” was much funnier.

Final Score: 8.5/10 Pretty entertaining throughout the series. Anzu was particularly endearing.

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