Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 12: Bad end?

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Well, that episode was kind of depressing. I think my main complaint with this episode was that it felt too much like it was trying to catch up. Many of the conversations in this episode cover aspects that have been made very clear to the audience, and it feels like the show slows down to make sure all of the characters are up to speed. It makes sense logically, but it’s not really fun to watch, especially when it’s a pretty sad experience.

I mean, I get that this scene is here for the sake of comedy, but how important is it that Kaoru finds this out? Maybe it’s meant to justify Kaoru finding Mitsuyoshi at the end of the episode. He goes to the palace to investigate this picture or something.

I had so much hope for that bracelet when Charles first brought attention to it. It seems like such a small thing now. It establishes the relationship between him and Teresa, but it doesn’t do much else.

This scene kind of illustrates what I was saying in the opening. The fact that time has to be spent here to have Charles react to Mitsuyoshi feels like taking a step back.

How do we make this revelation more shocking? Flashbacks!

Doesn’t Mitsuyoshi look pretty sad in the photo he shows Teresa?

I made a joke about the Alec flashback, but this flashback was worse in my mind. I didn’t get the sense that these scenes truly related to Mitsuyoshi’s realization that Teresa was always talking about her royal legacy.

We’re right up to the final episode…and I don’t buy it. The bittersweet ending just doesn’t make sense in this series. I acknowledge that it could be done, but it doesn’t fit the tone of the series. Additionally, Teresa hasn’t done enough throughout the series to make me believe her determination. She has insisted that she would fulfill her role, but words only go so far.

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