Hinamatsuri Episode 10: I guess middle school is the gateway into adulthood

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Hina’s stories in this series tend be okay, but Hitomi and Anzu really pulled out some impressive stuff this week. This episode was kind of an insane ride, and I enjoyed it all. I can’t imagine how this is all going to end.

There’s something really funny about taking the archetypal diligent student, the kind most students would call “mature”, and throwing her into actual adult decisions. I never really thought about it before this episode, but that’s actually a hilarious twist.

Jaded by adulthood already, Hitomi?

That work is looking really productive.

This monologue is probably the most relatable one in the episode. One of the first things I had to learn when I started working was how to refuse work and avoid overloading myself. To be honest, I still don’t think I’ve got it down.

I’m a little sad that this episode moves on with Hitomi in such a desperate state of feeling like she has no allies. Still, it look like Nitta had taken notice of her issues during the housewarming party, so I guess he’s going to be a factor in saving her in the end.

Anzu’s story somehow managed to be even more ridiculous than Hitomi’s story. It starts with a typical heartwarming idea of getting a gift for Anzu’s guardians before going in an insane direction by moving to the horse racing. I’m glad it brought things back around, because I don’t generally like the tired story of the gambler who blows it all.

Also, it was a nice touch having Anzu stop herself from using her powers to win. I actually forgot that Anzu had psychic powers as well, but that scene when she gets the cash in the beginning reminded me. I wonder if that was the point…

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