Hinamatsuri Episode 9: Glorious promotion

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This episode was pretty funny, but I’ll be curious to see how Mao’s story fits in with the rest of the series. I’m really wondering why she was the first character to be shown in the series that has mostly gone on without her. Honestly, Nitta’s promotion stuff was good too, but Mao has me wondering more.

Man, the survival story looks really easy with the psychic powers. I suppose the point was to show how mental fatigue can be the toughest challenge or something.

Accurate Hina representation is accurate.

I suppose it’s about time Nitta’s mobster role came back into the spotlight.

I like the idea behind this story. Nitta tries his best to support the lieutenant, but it ultimately makes him look even more suspicious. He’s been talking to people in the organization to unite them, after all. Who knows what kinds of deals were made?

The delivery of this line was amazing. It was a pretty good family moment to end the episode.

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