Darling in the FranXX Episode 16: We’re back

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I guess we’re easing in lightly after the last episode. That being said, this week’s episode certainly had some ominous stuff going in the background. Now that the team issues have been resolved, it’s time to actually address what’s wrong in this world, right? I’m going to assume that this is where we’re going from here. This week’s episode mentioned a “Klaxosaur Princess”, whom I’m guessing is the main enemy. Maybe she’s a former parasite experiment or something.

I’ve been there, Zero Two.

I’m glad Mitsuru chooses not to drag out his grudge with Hiro. The conversation about redefining himself was pretty nice.

The fact that Zero Two notices the discoloration in Miku’s hair but doesn’t say anything makes me wonder if she’s seen it in other parasites. Zero Two tends to know a lot about the secrets that the others don’t know.

Devoting this episode towards making the main characters more self-sufficient seems really promising. I like that the kids might be distancing themselves from the adults’ influence.

Okay, Hiro. Now, you’re asking for it.

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