Hinamatsuri Episode 3: Money problems

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I’m continually surprised by how much fun I have watching this show. The show has a reserved goofiness to it that makes it feel less like it’s forcing gags to happen.

Having Anzu remain homeless is such a weird thing. It feels like one of those developments that you’d expect to be heavily overplayed, but it ends up working out when you consider her adamant pride. I think it might say something about Nitta too, as a normal protagonist would just take Anzu in.

It’s super random, but I like Hitomi as a bartender. It’s a fun contrast to her straightlaced personality in school. Plus, her interactions with drunk adults are hilarious.

I was going to say something about the fairly generic nature of Hina’s clumsiness in this episode, but it was surprisingly funny. In particular, I really liked the way the episode ended. Cutting to the ED song before showing Nitta’s reaction completely caught me off-guard. It’s one of those situations where it’s pretty clear how he’ll react.

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