Beatless Episode 10: Are we seriously getting another recap?

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I really want to praise this week’s episode for being interesting, but I felt like the plans were overly convoluted. I’m willing to accept that I might have just misunderstood, but I felt like the episode relied too much on outright lying to the audience to force a twist.

Does it really make sense for a major tech company to be okay with an hIE lacking a valid registration number? Shiori’s plan is to force an audit of the Egyptian hIE, so they’ll just see an hIE without a valid number. If that was okay from the start, why did Lacia go through all of the trouble to fake an ID in the first place?

The random introduction of Arato’s father aside, I’m not sure I follow this experiment. Why even run it with hIEs? If you’re just looking at how hIEs interact with other hIEs pretending to be human, I feel like it would be much more efficient to just simulate that scenario. Isn’t that the point of robot minds?

I did find it weird that the Black Monolith and Kouka made it to the fight in time despite Methode’s assertion that they wouldn’t. You wouldn’t expect a computer to miscalculate like that. I get that this contributes to the reveal later in the episode, but I’m really not sure I like it.

I think it ultimately depends on where the series goes with Lacia. Her actions in this episode make a lot more sense if she has some kind of hidden agenda that she’s keeping from Arato. Otherwise, I don’t see why she pretends to go along with Shiori’s plan if she already has countermeasures for it.

Why exactly can’t Shiori just order Methode to save her? Is it because Methode can override her order? I don’t see how it can conflict with one of the other owner’s orders.

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