Beatless Episode 8: Are they selling robot girlfriends now?

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This series really doesn’t have a good sense of continuity. The shift of focus back on Lacia’s modeling job seemed a bit weird, and Methode’s attack felt like it only served as a declaration that Methode would be the next enemy. It’s kind of a shame, though, as the episode had some moments that I would have preferred to talk more about in comparison.

This is the oddest commercial. It gives detailed information about the “historical” hIEs, which makes little sense because people would likely be more familiar with them. Then, it finishes with just a shot of Lacia with no context. When I first saw it, I thought they were just advertising the other hIE models with Lacia as a random sales rep.

Yeah, I get it. People in this world see hIEs as nothing more than objects. Why does this theme always feel like such a side comment?

Yes, this kind of stuff is what I want to see expounded. Shiori realizes that she sees herself as a tool in human form to be used by others, which is exactly how she sees hIEs. As a result, she tries to defy her position by working with Methode to prove her “humanity”. Doing so will likely end with her being “used” by Methode. This is the blurring of lines between humans and robots that I’m really interested in seeing.

This line seems like a pretty generic “good guy” thing to say. Personally, I think that interesting discussions about how we determine value as humans, but I guess I’m hoping for too much. And as I said before, I can’t see how Methode’s attack really accomplishes anything unless she really wants to stop Boy Meets Girl from happening.

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