Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 10: Becoming friends

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The theme of defining friendship is nothing new, but I was still found this episode’s approach really entertaining. I liked the way it centered around Yuzuki, because her lack of trust makes a lot of sense with her background. Plus, it served as a decent opportunity for her to grow. But past that, I noticed so many points where the episode was setting itself up that I was really impressed.

Man, I’m really bad at this. This scene is clearly trying to show something more (as this show always does), but I’m totally blanking. Maybe it’s something about how Yuzuki sees other people with the same kind of distrust?

While this scene was probably a throwaway gag, I still found it really funny because the two never actually say that the birds might eat the chicken. They just imply it and continue the gag from there, letting the joke convey that part.

I liked the bit about Yuzuki’s birthday. It’s pretty clear that her birthday is near Christmas based on her comment, and the episode addresses it later when the other girls celebrate with her. I saw it as an excellent example of a clear setup with a satisfying resolution.

With Yuzuki’s friendship contract, I immediately picked up on the potential sore spot from Megu’s “breakup” with Kimari. However, the episode doesn’t dwell on it later, and brings it up pretty casually in conversation later. So, the link is suggested but not forced. I really appreciate this kind of thing.

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