Beatless Episode 7: On to the next one

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I see the break last week hasn’t done much for this show. This week’s episode was really frustrating because it just felt so narrow. Each scene seemed to clearly telegraph what development it was setting up later in the episode.

I liked the idea of the company trying to minimize liability by having an individual sign Methode’s contract rather than having the company itself sign it.

That being said, this scene is an example of the narrow direction I noticed in this episode. They mention that Methode is the only Lacia-class hIE to return after the facility exploded, and then the old guy in charge immediately expresses the concern that the incident may have been an inside job. It doesn’t really take much to conclude that Methode returned because her owner wanted to keep up appearances. Why else would she act anomalously?

In the next scene, we’re introduced to Shiori through her arranged marriage situation. Given the relative standings of Arato and his friends, it’s not hard to guess that Ryo would be most involved. I was honestly expecting Ryo to be one of the marriage prospects rather than being Shiori’s brother. I guess they needed to fulfill the cliche of the girl refusing to accept an arranged marriage. Propping up Arato as her love interest just seems boring.

The parts that I found most interesting in this episode are the parts that got the least focus. There are a couple of statements that help to build the sci-fi world that really just existed as side comments. First off, we have Ryo’s comment that it’s illegal to knowingly create an hIE with a face identical to a real human. I want to know more about that. How do you determine if a person did it intentionally? Is the hIE destroyed if it happens? Would that also happen if it’s demonstrated that the creator did it unintentionally?

The second comment that caught my attention was the comment about Watarai’s pro-AI tendency. I’m assuming that this is a simple comment on social tendencies. It would be like if someone said I have “pro-science” leaning. Ultimately, the ideology doesn’t define me, but it contributes to my decisions. However, this line made me wonder just how politicized the AI vs. human debate is in this world. Is it considered a political issue?

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