Beatless Episode 5: What now?

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I thought this week’s episode brought up some interesting ideas, but the series is still bogged down with a lot of the same issues. In general, I felt like the series tried to voice the concerns of the antibody network in a strangely indirect manner that made me wonder what they’re really fighting to accomplish. Similarly, I lost sympathy for Kengo in this episode because he seemed to exist only to interject with some fairly nonsensical objections.

I don’t think I could make sense of any complaint that Kengo made in this episode. In this particular scene, he’s whining about sending humans for the operation immediately after he explains why it doesn’t make sense to send drones. Couldn’t he give a reason for his dissent? Instead, he just says that the reason he just stated isn’t good enough.

On the other hand, the conversation between the AI and the head of security is probably the most interesting piece of this episode. It was still a strange conversation given that I couldn’t really tell if the security guy was really arguing against the AI, but I liked the idea that it presented.

The android was effectively stating that its function is solely the product of public opinion, which is what democratic representatives are supposed to be. So, the politicians are effectively arguing that the android is interfering with their ability to subvert democracy. While I don’t fully disagree with them, I think this point is really the salient issue here. It’s the conversation that I actually want to see.

This is a line I wouldn’t have expected to see…

The other interesting point in this episode was the small introduction into the Red Boxes. I’d made the assumption that they would be banded together against Lacia, but they’re each individually working towards a different goal. That’s a lot better than I expected.

Apparently, next week’s episode is a recap episode. I don’t know why you need a recap of five episodes, but I guess that’s just how it is.

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