Beatless Episode 4: On the case

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Is it weird that I found the main focus of this episode (Kengo) to be the least interesting aspect of it? Even though this episode was supposed to go more into his story, I didn’t find myself convinced that he was truly so pitiful after getting caught up in his current situation. Honestly, I was much more interested in the stuff that Ryou was investigating as it revealed more about the Red Boxes. Also, I

I think the piece that I was missing here was understanding the antibody network. Sure, it makes sense that any world with androids would have some form of dissent, but they really just come off as generic terrorists.

As I said, Ryou’s conversation in this episode was probably the most interesting bit. He’s uncovering the secret of the Red Boxes, which is something I actively want to know. It seems that they were created to independently carry data backups in case of server failure, which sounds cool. I’m curious to see where it goes.

I really don’t know what to make of Arato in this episode. His sister basically brags that he’ll help Kengo, but Arato ends up just throwing Lacia at the problem. I get that she’s supposed to be an insanely advanced hIE and all, but it really gives the impression that Arato pressed a switch that solved the puzzle for him.

The futuristic technology felt underwhelming this week. I liked the idea of trying to add some limitations to the special invisibility power, but I didn’t think it made sense. If light passes through your eyes, why would projecting sound information on your retina work? Your retina is photosensitive, so it would have the exact same issue. If you’re using sound anyway, why not have the ears process the information? Those work on physical vibrations, so the invisibility wouldn’t interfere.

The story continues in next week’s episode, but I wish the politician hIE wasn’t pushed to the side so much. I think there’s a legitimate discussion to be had there, and it just gets presented as politicians scared to lose their jobs.

I know this is for the audience, but what’s the point of the sonar if it just looks like normal sight? Lacia made it sound like Arato could only perceive based on what he could hear, which should be a hindrance. This view looks pretty normal to me.

As sad as it may be to say it, I thought the best part of this episode was in the preview. One scene shows Arato looking at a woman’s chest while invisible, which was pretty funny.

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