Beatless Episode 3: I guess we’re starting up

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This series is starting to pick up, but I don’t really think it’s helping. I keep feeling like I just don’t know enough. The explanations seem to focus on aspects that I don’t care to see, so I’m just left with a lot of questions.

The biggest example is the analog hack. With how prevalent the concept seems to be, I get the sense that it’s a really simple concept that’s been blown out of proportion to drive the show. Based on everything we’ve seen so far, the concept doesn’t really seem like much. As the androids emulate humans more, they are treated more like humans. It would be an interesting concept if the androids were actually doing something. I haven’t yet seen any good examples where it actually feels explotative. What is it accomplishing?

The self-driving car and the Arato’s headset were probably my favorite parts of the episode, but that shouldn’t be too surprising by this point. I’ve made it no secret that I think the strength of this show lies in its technology.

Still, I felt like an opportunity was missed with the self-driving car. If hIEs have the potential to be treated as somewhat human, isn’t that a big boost for the self-driving car? Could that fix the problem of not trusting a non-human driver? If there’s no driver in the vehicle, why even take up the space with a driver’s seat? It just feels really unimaginative.

I get that this guy was just used as an engine to introduce Kouka, but he could have been presented in a better way. Did we really need multiple flashbacks to the previous episode just to remind everyone that he was the creeper stalking Lacia last week? Give me a little credit.

Am I supposed to get the sense that Kouka will join the main cast in the future? Her obsession with Lacia makes me really think that’s going to happen.

Something about Arato’s friends seems strange to me. Kengo seems to be some kind of expert on hIEs from a technical perspective while Ryou goes on and on about his father’s connection to Memeframe. Aren’t these peope a little bit too important? Is it too convenient that Arato has such influential friends?

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