Yuru Camp First Impressions (1): Smartphone, smartphone, smartphone

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Okay, this series went more as I would have expected with the cute girl show. Granted, I’m not trying to dismiss it, as I still think I need to see more before I can pass judgment. I just didn’t get that immediate interest that I felt while watching the South Pole version.

The episode definitely had its moments, but I felt like the comedy didn’t click with me a lot of the time. Still, the way the episode was presented was interesting enough to keep me watching, so I didn’t get bored. We’ll see how that goes.

I’m not sure how I feel about the narration in this episode. On the one hand, it probably makes sense because Rin seems like she’s a naturally quiet girl. Having her explain everything might seem out of character. But still…I’m not really in it to listen to some disembodied voice give all of the “useful” information.

This scene was easily my favorite scene of the episode, especially with the way it’s followed up when Rin actually cuts the wood.

I’m sure I’ll eventually warm up to this character, but I had trouble with her from this episode. Please have mercy on me. That Mt. Fuji reveal was solid, though, even if it was a bit cheesy.

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