Sora yori mo Tooi Basho First Impressions (1): A new adventure

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Okay, I wasn’t planning on saying anything about this series, but I enjoyed the first episode too much to stay quiet. The description of the show made it sound like it would be a simple fluff show showing the main girls surviving in Antarctica, but the episode itself delivered a lot more than that. The series has a promising sense of direction because there’s a goal moving the girls forward.

I absolutely loved how the comedy in this episode was presented, starting from the opening theme itself. I thought it was great how the girls in the background disappear as the main character, Mari, bites down only to come back up to ruin the illusion.

I can really relate to Mari’s fear of venturing out despite wanting to experience the world. My family’s pretty good about getting me out of the house, but I generally don’t travel much on my own even though there are places in the world I’d like to see.

The delivery of this scene is great too. Mari opens up the envelope to see a wad of cash. How much cash? Well, maybe we can use the background to give you a hint.

There was also something really funny about watching Megumi sniff other girls to search for the mystery girl.

I can’t argue with this. Shirase seems like a pretty fun character too, properly driven despite how others tease her. I’m looking forward to seeing how she affects Mari.

Even without words, this scene conveys its joke really well. It was pretty funny to watch. It almost makes me want to keep posting about this series, but we’ll see how this season progresses. Honestly, this series seems like a pretty strong start.

5 thoughts on “Sora yori mo Tooi Basho First Impressions (1): A new adventure”

  1. The episode was pretty amazing. I related way too much with Mari and her fear of trying new things. It’s easy to say you want to do this and that, but the act of doing it is another thing. Megumi and Shirase are both great as well. I especially loved that Megumi encouraged Mari to do something, but made it a point that Mari had to do it by herself.

    Tons of promise here.

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    1. yeah, i had a lot of fun watching this episode. i agree that mari was pretty relatable. i often have branching out too (outside of brief moments of spontaneity). that’s a good point about megumi that i hadnt noticed. i just thought she had other stuff to do or something.


  2. Yeah, I really loved how pictures and ads in the background add to the narrative (which happened several times even just within that one episode). It adds a lot of fun. Let’s hope this series continues to be great!

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