Fate/Apocrypha Episode 23: Identity problems

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All in all, I felt like this episode was pretty interesting. While it’s sad that Mordred and Sisigo were almost entirely sidelined in this series, their last stand was a lot better than I expected. I was pretty worried when the fight started with Mordred getting slapped around by Semiramis.

Aww…Mordred just wanted to help her father. I think I’m fine with this.

Also, isn’t it a bit weird that both Semiramis and Jack the Ripper used poison gas as a weapon?

In the end, how much did we really know about Sisigo? He worked well with Mordred in pretty much every scene that depicted the two, but I feel like he was just there as cannon fodder. Still, I can very much accept Mordred’s death as going down with her partner.

I’m not fully sure I understood the ending, though. My take was that Jeanne had fallen for Sieg despite her resolve to treat all people equally as a saint. She probably blamed everything she felt along the way on Leticia, but she actually had her own feelings for Sieg. And when Shakespeare reveals the inconsistency, it breaks her. I suppose the girl apologizing in the end is Leticia. It’s really hard to keep track.

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