Fate/Apocrypha Episode 22: Pretty hype

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I’m really not anywhere near knowledgeable when it comes to animation, but I would say that the animation in this episode made the fights kinda hard to follow for me. I think there are good scenes to be found in the fight, but I felt like too much was covered with explosions and crumbling debris (even if I understand that it provides hype).

It’s kind of a shame that we didn’t see much of Karna before this point because he seemed like a pretty interesting Servant overall. The reveal at the end that he’s colloquially considered to be a Hero of Charity was a nice surprise. It explains why he’s so willing to save his former Master and why he was so adamant about fulfilling his promise to Siegfried.

I mean…I’m kinda with Ruler on this one. This is the oldest villain promise in the book. “Join me and together we shall rule the world.” Why the heck does Semiramis believe this?

So with regards to the fight itself, I want to give a specific example of a scene I liked but had trouble seeing. With this attack in particular, Karna throws his flame-shrouded lance at Sieg. Sieg manages to sidestep it and slice the flames away with Balmung. To me, this is a really cool sequence, but I feel like it gets lost under all of the flashy attacks.

I really should have expected that Shakespeare would be the final boss.

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