Houseki no Kuni Episode 10: That’s a new one

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I’m glad we got such an entertaining fight now that Phos is finally battle ready. For me, this episode was just great to look at and did a great job of exploring the relationship between Diamond and Bort. The chase scene also felt oddly horror-like while I was watching it. It was definitely something I wasn’t expecting.

I was a bit curious about this line. Is this the first time that the categorization of Lunarians has been brought up? It seems weirdly late, but it’s an interesting piece of the world.

I definitely liked how this scene displayed the level to which Diamond envied and idolized Bort. We usually see Diamond as the sweet, innocent character, but these lines do a good job of a showing the resentment that can’t be completely hidden.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to see a special significance in the giant Lunarian that appears in this episode, but I sure enjoyed the extended fight. Bort’s initial fight reminded me a lot of the cinematic giant boss fights I’ve seen in video games, which was nice to see. And Diamond’s fight just clever overall, with the use of broken diamond pieces used out of necessity and such.

This cliffhanger’s just mean, though. After what we just saw Diamond do, it would be pretty for the Lunarians to succeed in their abduction.

This jellyfish scene was just hilarious.

2 thoughts on “Houseki no Kuni Episode 10: That’s a new one”

  1. I also found the jellyfish scene hilarious, which was kind of nice in an episode that was pretty much non-stop tension in one form or another. This show just gets better as it goes and my only fear now is that the season will end without really giving us any kind of resolution.

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    1. i thought it was a good way of bringing back the lighter tones that make the pre-transformation part of the show so enjoyable.

      as for the ending, i kinda fear that will be case because we’re partway through volume 4/8 at episode 10. but hey…here’s hoping for another season

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