Fate/Apocrypha Episode 21: The great war rages on

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This week’s episode was more entertaining than a lot of the previous ones have been, but I wonder if it’s just because more stuff was happening. I still think the episode runs into issues with figuring out where it wants to put its focus. And while the highlight of the episode may have been the fight between Achilles and Chiron, I felt like that fight relied a bit too much on sound over visuals to make its point.

Am I really supposed to feel for Achilles here? It’s not like he’s the only Servant to ever get a scene like this.

Look, I know we need to give Shakespeare a decent role in this final fight, but a new moon means that the moon is still there. I’d understand if it was some sort of loophole, but it doesn’t strike me as something that would be as obvious as Shakespeare seems to think.

There’s definitely a lot to like about this fight. The extent of the fight seemed to give it meaning and I really liked the way that Chiron fought, especially when he uses the scarf against Achilles. It makes it a bit more annoying that he lost, but I can understand the typical “student surpasses the teacher” message.

It seems a bit weird to cripple your enemy right after you ask him for a favor.

Okay then, Atalanta. Let’s get this over with?

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